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1. What is ArtCharity?
ArtCharity is a new project that began in July 2012.
So far, we have some Churches and youth groups in the area who are interested in being a part of this, as well as some artistic friends and acquaintances from other areas. We would love to get as many people involved as possible.

2. What is the purpose behind ArtCharity?

To use the gift of art as a means to communicate a positive message to people who need it.

While there are many old age homes, children's homes, hospitals (and other facilities) that look after their locations and the people being treated or supervised in them, sadly there are still countless places not like this.

Making art that can be hung up in a space which might be old, worn, unhygienic, dark or bland will be like a breath of fresh air for people who live there everyday. Plus art is healthy and fun for the person creating it.

3. What is the process?

 1. Artworks are made.

2.  Artworks are then sent to us (collection).

3. We take it to places that could do with some brightening up (distribution).

4. What kind of art?

Anything you like! You have the creative control (the exceptions are mentioned in the answer to question 6).
We accept artworks of any medium (for e.g photography, all types of paint, pencil drawings, pen drawings etc) and style (to name a few: minimalistic, cartoons, abstract, modern, traditional, or a style completely unique that cannot be categorized).

Works on board will be accepted but we prefer art on a strong surface that will last a long time. Therefore we are mainly looking for art on canvas. Works on paper will probably be too fragile.

 5. Artwork sizes?

You can choose whatever size you like, so long as it's not over around 60, 70 centimeters in length and width.

 6. What won't be accepted?

Any type of art that could be potentially harmful to the people viewing it (no swear words for example, or subject matter that would be considered unacceptable by the organisations).

 We want art that will open up a space and lighten up a room, that is healthy and positive for the people who will view it.

7. Do I make contact with you before I make the artwork(s)?

You can contact us through and give us a brief run down of what you are wanting to create (including size, ideas, mediums).

This is helpful so we know how many artworks to expect and when to expect them, as well as to avoid the unlikely event that the organisation doesn't take the artwork because they consider it harmful etc.

If you let us know what it is you want to create, we are in the know and can give you the green light (don't worry, we will basically always give the green light other than rare exceptions mentioned in 6.).

But mainly we need you to contact us after you have made the artwork so that we can give you the address to send your work to. 

8. Do I have to have any specific skill or talent to get involved?

The belief of ArtCharity is that absolutely everyone is an artist and can make art to be enjoyed. Have a go, get creative and enjoy some fun while making someone else's day. That's what's important.

However if you really feel you want to get involved but don't want to make art you can still help by telling people about Artcharity both in person and online (sharing this blog on facebook and twitter will be a great help).

Perhaps you yourself know of some places that could find ArtCharity helpful?
Or perhaps you know Melbourne well and want to help distribute the artworks one day?

Please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

9. How do I know my artwork really is going to the types of places mentioned?

When we begin distributing the artworks we will take photos and post them on this blog.

10. Would you like to get involved? 

While we are based in Melbourne, Australia we are happy to receive artworks sent to us from other places around Victoria and Australia.

In saying that, if you are interested in getting creative and brightening up someone's living space (but live in another part of Australia or the world) why not make some art and distribute it to places you know of locally?

Can I encourage you to get involved by making art (why not gather some friends too?) and send it off to places near you, whether in Melbourne or not. The process behind artcharity can be done anywhere in the world and does not necessarily have to be linked to us specifically.

If you do get involved somewhere outside of Melbourne, we would love to hear about it! Contact us on

11. I have a few other questions.

Ask away at

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